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2023 Junior teams


The Club extends its congratulations to its Junior teams and their captains for their great results!

The U16 Boys team : Ambrosio Michele (15), Gaudenzi Pietro (15), Ljubicic Leonardo (15) and Pordan Stephane (15) which won the U16 regional championship (division 2) by winning the final against TC ST BONNET 1 team (2/1) on January 15th 2023 after 3 victories in qualifying phase.

The U14 Girls team: Ambrosio Camilla Charlotte (15/2), Graf Christine (15/2) and Yuffa Dasha (30/1) - Captain Jacques Vincileoni which won the U14 regional championship (division 2) against the  U.S. PONTET TENNIS 2 team (3/0) on February 5th 2023 by winning all the matches of its pool (only pool engaged in this championship).

The U16 Boys team: Lavazza Vittorio (13/3), Pat-Kafafian Alexandre (15/5) and Sandias Andrea (15/2) - Captain Patrick Segarra which finished Finalist of the U16  departmental championship (division 1) against the US CAGNES team (2/1) on January 21st 2023 after 3 victories in the qualifying phase.

To consult the online page and all the results, click HERE