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Junior Tournament 2017


The prize giving of the 23rd Junior tournament of the Monte-Carlo Country Club took place in a joyful atmosphere and under a radiant sun. 

281 juniors players, including 219 boys and 62 girls from all over the world and many french regions as well, competed in this new edition. We noted the good performances of Théo FRANZINI (Boys, 9 and Under) and Carolina GANDOLFI (Girls, 12 and Under), both members of the M.C.C.C.

Many trophies and gifts were offered by the Conseil Départemental des Alpes-Maritimes, RMC Network, KINDER +SPORT, Mr. Gunther KREISSEL, Mr Saad BOUDEMAGH.

The Prize Giving took place on Wednesday July, 19th at 12.30 pm in the presence of Mr Alain MANIGLEY,  General Secretary of the MCCC  and Mr Francis Truchi, Director of the Monte-Carlo Country Club, Mr Eric Seigle, M.C.C.C. Co-Director, the representative of Mr Hazan from the RMC NETWORK, Mrs Zahira JAFFAL representing Mr Saad BOUDEMAGH as well as Mr  Jean-Jacques ZARAGOSI, the referee who was assisted by: Eric Domerego, Silvia Marchi, Bertrand Cannonier and Lucas Zaragosi.

We look forward to welcoming you for the next edition... from 4th to 18th July 2018 (to be confirmed)

Prize Giving photos below