Ideally located facing the Mediterranean, the M.C.C.C. has a 170 sqm²  fitness room offering users a full range of machines to work on every body muscle to ensure optimum physical form as well as a Fitness Studio of 165 sqm² for the Fitness classes.


In partnership with Riviera Sports Wellness, the MCCC offers its members the following services:

  • Professional coaches in the body-building room:

Our coaches are present every day of the week to advise you, assist you in your exercises and help you organise your programme (see details on programme).

  • A full programme of Fitness classes:

The proposed themes will enable you to develop your heart function, improve muscular performances and make you feel better in your body. They include: Abdos Stretching, ATG Wellness, Biking, Fit'N'Rythm, Body-Sculpt, C A F (Thighs Abs Buttocks), Circuit Training, Cross Training, Physical Fitness, Fit'N'Rythm, Back, Posture Wellness, Running, General Physical Preparation, Stretching and Yoga. 

  • Personal Training sessions:

A tailored training session by a professional coach will ensure the organization of programmes adapted to your level and objectives with precision and control of physical movement - Positive and focused test - Customised follow-up -  Physical effort assessment and in-depth physiological tests - Organisation of tailored programmes, adapted to your level and objectives.